What smells dogs will be scared?

01-28-2019 15:46:54
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Dogs like to smell everywhere, the general taste is not afraid, it is afraid of a more exciting taste.
Dogs are afraid of the smell of air fresheners, and the smell of perfume when it is sprayed out. But once the taste is gone, you are not afraid. The smell of smoke will be scared, but the smell of smoke must be avoided. If you want to keep the dog away from somewhere by smell, you can go to the pet store to buy a bottle of scent spray that is designed to prevent dogs from approaching. As long as you spray it where you need it, the dog will walk away because he doesn't like the taste. It is also safe for dogs and does not cause any bad side effects due to odor.
Therefore, try not to use irritating tastes in places where there are dogs, not only perfumes, but also toilet water, wind oil, and some irritating fruit skin. Dogs also don’t like it. It should be avoided. Let them touch.

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