How to check the dog?

01-28-2019 16:05:11
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Pet dog consignment is divided into aviation, bus, train, first need to do a good quarantine certificate, the specific operation process will have different operating procedures and requirements according to the different transportation you choose, I suggest you more targeted consultation, need to do in advance It is well prepared to have control over the dog's diet. Below I will say some pre-orders for consignment.

1, the bus consignment

To prepare a dog cage, don't give the dog food on the night before the check-in. Prepare it with water to prevent the dog from vomiting. The general bus consignment is to put the dog cage in the trunk.

2, train consignment

Train consignment needs to take your train ticket and the dog's immunization certificate to the consignment office to handle the relevant consignment procedures for the living thing, train consignment, if the owner follows this midway, you can also feed the water to the dog.

3, aircraft air consignment

Need to buy a flight box suitable for dogs, go to the local department or the airport animal inspection department to go through the animal quarantine certificate before departure. Check the shipping procedures by air check-in two days in advance, and then inform the other party of the pick-up time, flight number and other bills.


Be sure to remember not to feed the dog before shipping. You can give a small amount of water and put a towel in the dog cage or air box. This will make the dog comfortable and can give the dog time.

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