What can a puppy eat?

01-28-2019 16:52:48
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The newly-raised puppies should try to control only the dog food, nutrient cream and gastrointestinal conditioning granules within three months.

Simple and detailed explanation:

1, newborn puppies try to eat only breast milk within 40 days;

2, 40 to 60 days of dogs try to eat only the soft dog food with boiling water to help the dog to digest;

3, 60 to 90 days try to eat only dog ​​food dog food, nutritional cream and gastrointestinal conditioning agent;

Summary: Puppy within 90 days, must control the amount of food, dogs are not afraid of being hungry, afraid of support. The reason why many dogs are small is to overeating, the stomach is broken, and then there is a blood in the stool. If you go to the hospital at this time, the examination is basically small, so the dog's diet control must be remembered;

Food that dogs can't eat:

1. Chocolate: It will cause the dog to be in danger of life and must not eat it;

2, onions and onions: can not eat, can lead to severe anemia in dogs;

3, chicken bones: puppies can not eat, because the middle of the chicken bones are heart-to-heart, especially easy to bite, will hurt the dog's intestines, so as not to cause the appearance of intestinal tract;

4, small bones: large bones can eat (leg bones, stick bones, etc.),

5, fish bones: dogs can eat fish, but the owner must pick out the fishbone, so as not to get stuck in the dog's throat;

6, raw eggs: can not eat, will lead to dog diarrhea, is not conducive to the growth of hair,

7, raw meat: can not eat, can lead to dog indigestion caused by diarrhea, but also easy to breed bacteria

8, milk: especially puppies, must not drink, will diarrhea,

9. Grapes: Because some dogs are more sensitive to grapes, it is recommended that you do not try them. If it is serious, it will cause problems in the dog's kidney function.

10, wild fungi: Do not give dogs, there are many wild mushrooms have toxins, will be fatal;

11, irritating food: foods that are more irritating (chili, pepper), anyway, you should try not to let it contact,

12, food with a large amount of oil: puppies can not eat, it can not digest;

13, animal internal organs: This is especially important, especially puppies, can not eat more, because the animal's internal organs contain vitamin A, dogs can not absorb this ingredient, it will cause poisoning, but also lead to other diseases such as calcium deficiency in dogs

14, too salty food: Just like the food we humans eat, not only contains a large amount of salt, but also a large amount of oil. Dogs should not be eaten for a long time.

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