What dog is the smartest in the world?

01-28-2019 16:54:27
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At present, the most intelligent and intelligent dog is the Border Collie.

Border Collie, native to the Scottish Borders, is a kind of Collie Collie. It has a strong shepherd instinct, is intelligent in nature, is good at observing the color, can accurately understand the instructions of the owner, and can drive the flock to move by the gaze of the eyes. Rotating, has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world of dog breed IQ.
It is characterized by cleverness, strong learning ability, high comprehension, easy training, good communication with the master, gentleness, loyalty, and good obedience. The level of loyalty can be described as a shadow. Because of the gentle and loyal character, it was once the most popular pet in the urban population. And the Border Collie is also the most competitive dog breed of Frisbee, the protagonist of the Frisbee World Cup competition.

Its IQ is equivalent to a 7 or 8 child. So, how smart is the Border Collie?

Many people who like Border Collies are not because of their appearance, but because of their high level of understanding and obedience. If you dream of having a dog that understands the owner's language, understands the owner's expression, and communicates with the owner, then choosing a border collie will never disappoint you.

Training Border Collie is very easy and fun compared to other dogs, and it will make you feel fulfilled. As long as you want it to understand your intentions, it will quickly reach your requirements. However, it should be noted that unless it is necessary to correct extreme errors, it is best not to punish them during the training process. Because the Border Collie itself is very fond of learning, willing to train and like to meet the requirements of the owner, always thinking about pleasing the owner. Therefore, excessive punishment will make them negative, timid, and even resentful and fearful. After mastering this principle, I believe that you will soon be able to turn this little guy into a waiter who stands by for you.

In the past, they were the most loyal companions of the shepherds, known as the world's "first shepherd dog." Now, they are still helping us with all kinds of tasks, such as rescue, search, anti-virus and other tasks. They are not only serious and responsible working dogs, but also our human friendly partners.

At present, the top ten IQs of dogs are as follows:

1st place: Border Collie (Border Collie)

2nd place: Poodle (Poodle)

3rd place: German Shepherd (German Shepherd)

4th place: Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever)

5th place: Doberman Pinscher (Doberman)

6th place: Shetland Sheepdog

7th place: Labrador Retriever (Labrador Retriever)

8th place: Papilion (butterfly dog)

9th place: Rottweiler (Rottweiler)

10th place: Australian Cattle Dog

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