Why do dogs get sterilized?

01-28-2019 16:58:26
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The sterilization of a dog depends mainly on the decision of the owner of the pet. If the dog is a mother, it is feared that too many puppies or diseases can be sterilized in the future. If the dog is raised, the dog is afraid of the dog. Sterilization can also be done by irritating the flowers on the outside;

The benefits of sterilization are:

1. Sterilization surgery can prevent dogs from changing testicular cancer, uterine empyema, greatly reducing breast cancer, ovarian cancer and reducing prostate-related diseases;

2, sterilization can improve the temper temper and its territorial awareness;

3, sterilization can increase the life of dogs;

The disadvantage of sterilization:

1. Double the probability that a dog will become obese by sterilization;

2, sterilization will increase the risk of hemangioma, hypothyroidism and senile dementia;

3, any surgery has a certain degree of risk, even small surgery like sterilization, can not guarantee 100% safety, but the relative risk is relatively low;


The benefits of sterilization for people:

1. It will improve the quality of life of the owner of the pet, avoiding a big one caused by raising the bitch, showing the problem, no one will raise a group of things and can still care for them consistently;

2, will avoid the troubles caused by raising the dogs they have reached the estrus period, such as attracting all kinds of male dogs that do not know the source, as well as the dog's fights and other troubles;

3, will be a good change of the dog's character and the dog's physiological period, such as the male dog will become docile, well-behaved, the bitch dog will not be inconvenience caused by the physiological period, such as the home is full of blood;

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