Which dog and cat are easy to raise?

01-28-2019 17:03:17
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About this problem, should differ from person to person actually, be like turnip cabbage each has love, the person that loves a dog thinks dog dog is good kind, the person that loves a cat thinks cat is simple and relaxed, basically look after the idea in the heart of pet owner.

To name just a few common beliefs:

Dog: the dog's activity level, and enjoy together, with people don't like living alone or close at home for a long time, and the dog is rely on smell communication of animals, so the body odor will be bigger and most dogs to wool, puppy dog breeding clean-up problems also let many head through, because dogs need through the long time of training to know where I can pee, where can I shit, what can bite, what things can't bite, novice users must understand these dogs, if be frightened by this trouble cutting knowledge rise a day, or is not recommended. However, dogs are naturally intelligent and easy to train compared with other animals, which is a great achievement for many pet owners.

Cat cat: cat likes to play, also can be clingy, but cat dropping problems relative to the dog is more serious, and through a lot of customer feedback, pet the cat out of the cat will make many respiratory diseases of the old man, feel discomfort, such as sinusitis, because the cat has left her loose hair cause cough or discomfort, but cat loves clean, buy a cat toilet and sand, the cat shut in fixed space for a few days, will be fixed to the toilet, but the cat's another disadvantage is that it is difficult to recognize, generally got lost if lost over time, it is hard to find.

Above are the advantages and disadvantages of cats and dogs and some views, I hope to help you

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