Why can't dogs eat salt?

01-28-2019 17:07:25
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You can eat salt. Everyone must have met a lot of people saying that dogs can't eat salt. It is actually a misunderstanding. For example, doctors say that children can't eat too much sugar, and parents don't give sugar to children. The same is true for the question of whether a dog can eat salt.

1, the dog needs to eat salt

The organism itself needs metabolism, and the sodium ion in the salt is an essential part of the metabolism. Therefore, in the absence of other sources of sodium ions, dogs must eat salt, but should be controlled within the standard. In dry dog ​​foods with a water content of 10%, the required amount of salt should be more than 1%. If you are a 1 kg dog, eat 20 grams of dog food a day. For example, a 25 kg Satsuma requires at least 500 mg of salt per day. If the dog lacks salt, it will also have hair loss.

2, dogs can not eat too much salt

But at the same time, we also need to pay attention to not let the dog eat too much salt, which will lead to excessive salt and special water shortage, causing dogs to picky eaters, hair removal, easy to induce skin, kidney problems, high blood pressure, etc., even if serious, food poisoning will occur. , heart problems and paralysis.

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