Why do dogs eat poop?

01-28-2019 17:14:55
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The dog eats defecate behavior, is the dog kind behavior in quite common, said in the medical science to call for the pica. The formation of pica is mainly caused by diseases or external behavioral factors, as detailed below:

I. causes of the disease:

1. Lack of digestive enzymes

In the first case, before it was tamed by humans, the food that dogs ate in their natural environment was other raw animals. The animals are often eaten with internal organs, which also contain a lot of digestive enzymes. After the dog has eaten the food, the digestive enzymes secreted by the dog itself, together with those in the gut of the animal being eaten, are enough to digest the food.

However, when dogs were domesticated by humans, their food changed from raw to cooked. Such bring about their alimentary enzymatic inadequacy, cannot digest food completely, still have quite a few remaining nutrient substance actually in the defecate of eduction, right now olfactory sensitive they are after smelling these nutrient substance, may choose to eat defecate to digest again.

The 2nd kind of circumstance, if the pancreas of dog dog cannot work normally, secrete digestive enzyme is reduced or if do not secrete digestive enzyme, they also can choose to eat the defecate that remains nutrient material because of incomplete digestion.

2. There are too few trace elements in dogs, leading to pica. Supplement trace elements in this way.

3, the problem of parasites, if there are parasites in the intestinal tract, absorb a lot of food nutrients, the dog still feel hungry, will go to eat their own stool.

4. Diabetes mellitus and thyroid disease. The principle of this disease is similar to that of human. Suffer from the dog of this kind of disease, because lack nutrition and appetite soars, hungry go eating his defecate, but the body is absorbed because of did not have nutrient material however and angular with each passing day.

Ii. Causes of external behavioral factors

Natural behavior: it's important to hide your movements in the wild. After giving birth to a puppy, the female dog will lick the puppy's genitals and anus, and eat it at the same time to keep the environment clean and clean. In addition to stimulating the dog to defecate, it can also prevent the taste from leaking, so as to avoid being other animals' hunting, which is normal maternal behavior. It's a way to hide one's whereabouts.

2, natural behavior: the dog itself with a certain nature of scavenging, some of the smell of feces, there is a huge attraction to them, for them, eating xiang is a kind of enjoyment.

3, operational learning behavior: for domestic dogs, the owner may have punished the dog for defecating in public, so the dog will think that he will not be punished by eating his own poop.

4. Imitation behavior: a younger dog may imitate an older dog, such as his mother, or an adult dog that occasionally eats feces.

5. Dogs may eat their own poop to satisfy their hunger due to insufficient feeding by their owners.

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