What causes bad dandruff in dogs?

01-28-2019 17:20:36
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Dogs have dandruff and don't worry too much. It is a normal physiological need, like dogs. Dogs with dandruff can be relieved in several ways:

1. Regularly comb the dog, can peel the skin, and also help the dog distribute the natural oil secreted by the skin evenly on every inch of skin.

2, the dog's skin cuticle is relatively thin, if the number of bathing is too frequent or the use of the bath to remove oil and decontamination effect, it will wash away the dog's sebum, causing dry skin and dandruff. You can change the dog's moisturizing shampoo, and with the products such as oral beauty oil and fish oil, it will improve the dog's dandruff.

3, a large number of dandruff may also be due to insufficient oil in the food, causing the skin to be too dry, choose the dog food containing fish ingredients, or add professional salmon oil to the dog food, can It has a good skin care effect, and salmon oil is very powerful for both hair and bone care.

4. The lack of trace elements is the root cause. In addition to the lack of trace elements, it can cause pica, and there are skin diseases such as dry hair, dullness, itchy skin, and dander. Therefore, pay special attention to the balance of nutrition, confirm the ingredient list of dog food, give the dog a balanced diet, or buy special trace element preparations, such as MAG Jinwei.

Through these several methods, it is generally possible to alleviate the condition that the dog has dandruff. If the dog has dandruff, try it.

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