What causes bad breath in dogs?

01-28-2019 17:23:25
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The main causes of bad breath in dogs are: problems with food, bad stomach, and mouth ulcers.

1. What kind of food does your dog eat? Is it the same as people, or is it a special dog food? If they eat the same people, then the food will remain in the teeth and will be larger than the dry dog ​​food. Dogs don't pick teeth or brush their teeth, so if food is stuck in the teeth, it will cause bad breath, and even more is tooth decay and periodontal disease. So long, the dog will have bad breath. If it is a dog bad breath caused by such reasons, then brush your teeth with your dog. The molar stick can remove tartar, prevent periodontal disease, and combine bad breath, and there are many taste choices.

2, if the dog's stomach is not good, the things eaten are not well digested, then it is easy to cause bad breath. At this time, it is necessary to properly regulate the dog's stomach and eat some easily digestible food. The best prevention method is to try not to let it eat food. Dry dog ​​food can effectively scrape the food residue sticking to the teeth. , thus playing the purpose of cleaning. In addition, the dog can eat some gastrointestinal treasure probiotics, which can well balance the gastrointestinal flora, protect the stomach and help digestion and absorption. The stomach is good, and bad breath is naturally eliminated.

3. Tumors and ulcers in the mouth are also one of the important causes of bad breath. Many sublingual cysts (hematoma) can also cause odor in the mouth.

If the dog has bad breath, you should check the reasons from these aspects, and then solve the problem.

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