Why are dogs most loyal to humans?

01-28-2019 17:27:07
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The reason why dogs are loyal to people is because of their natural nature. Some experts say that this is because they rely on the mother and decide to obey the group leader, and humans play both roles at the same time.

The dog's heart is simple. When it is familiar with your smell, it judges your position in its heart in a simple heart. If it is determined, it is recognized, you love it, it will also show it. Loyalty and its trust in you, you fight it, it will also show the same loyalty to let you trust it, it will not speak.

But it doesn't mean it can't communicate with you. You will guess what it means for your actions and voices, because dogs don't refute you, can't put pressure on your heart, you think it's obedient, it agrees with you.

They simply rely on us human beings as their reliance, but people are selfish, like new and old, full of tyrannical heart, that the dogs will not resist, not resist, but resist, in the eyes of dogs, humans It is powerful~ As long as you are willing to give your trust to it, it will surrender everything, so it seems to be the relationship between the master and the servant. Actually it is not. This is a feeling, no impurity.

Therefore, dogs are loyal to humans for a variety of reasons, which are essentially the genes they give them.

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