Do puppies have rabies virus?

01-28-2019 17:28:24
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Puppies do not have rabies because rabies does not spread through fertility.

Because the rabies virus does not spread vertically, the newly born puppies will never carry the virus, and the rabies in dogs usually has an incubation period of about 15 days, and the disease is up to 6 months (very few), so that The chance of a puppy getting rabies is very small, almost zero. And healthy cats and dogs are not infected with rabies. This is the authoritative statement of the World Health Organization. If you don't have rabies in your dog for 10 days, you can't be rabid. Please rest assured.

In some medical magazines, newspapers have a rabies incubation period of up to 20 years or healthy dogs and cats have a small number of viruses and infectious ability, and there is no scientific basis, mostly for the purpose of promoting vaccines and alarmist. Now China has formed a huge profit-making industrial chain of rabies pre-emergence. It does not rule out that organizations at all levels, drug dealers, the media, and some irresponsible medical circles deliberately create panic and gain improper benefits.

The rabies 300 is the least, and the cost of the rabies vaccine is extremely low. The doctor will of course tell you that you have to fight, because the more people you fight, the more commissions you can earn.

Therefore, there are different fears that the dog that has just been born has rabies, but the puppies also need to vaccinate against rabies in time.

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