Can a dog swim naturally?

01-28-2019 17:29:34
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Dogs can swim on the one hand and can be said to be born. This is because the dog's physical characteristics make it possible to swim, but on the other hand, dogs are not born to swim. Like people, dog swimming takes a little time to learn.

When you put the dogs in the water for the first time, they will be scared, nervous, and will be slap in the face, and will be afraid to enter the water again after getting up. However, after a period of training, dogs can learn to swim.

Of course, some people think that dogs can swim by nature, but the ability to swim is not high. Because when you push the dog into the pool, they will subconsciously use their claws to fight, and they will try hard to sink the bottom of the body, but this time the dog is not a swimmer. Although the dog can't stay in the water for too long, it won't drown. Therefore, some people think that dogs should have some swimming skills by nature, but the skills are very poor.

In any case, the dog has the talent to swim, so even if the dog does not have water, suddenly entering the water will not drown.

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