What are the different breeds of small dogs?

01-26-2019 10:39:31
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These dogs are Chihuahua, Deer, Law, and Pomeranian. They are small in size, and the Chihuahua is the smallest.

Dogs that are small and small are mainly concentrated in small dogs.

The following is a description of each dog:

1, Chihuahua

Originally produced in Mexico, the Chihuahua is popular among people for its well-balanced physique and petite body. It is the smallest of the small breeds, elegant, alert and fast-moving. It is one of the smallest breeds in the world. Some people think that the dog was native to South America and was originally regarded as a sacred dog breed by the Incas, and later passed to the Astika. Others believe that the dog arrived in the New World with the Spanish invaders, or was introduced from China in the early 19th century.

2, Pomeranian

Native to Germany, Pomeranian is an extroverted, intelligent and lively dog, which makes it a very good companion dog and a very competitive match dog. Its coat color is white, yellowish cream, color, black, red, brown and so on. The Pomeranian is a shepherd dog, smart, and ranks fifth in the intelligence ranking of small dogs, so it is easy for the breeder to teach and train.

3, French Bulldog

Native to France, a lively, intelligent, muscular dog with heavy bones, smooth coat, compact structure, medium or small size. The expression is alert, curious and interested. The French Bulldog is kind, honest, loyal, persistent, brave, with a unique taste, and is fully exposed to expressions and movements. An excellent toy dog ​​that is kind to the child and is also a strong style and strong in curiosity for new things.

4, the deer dog

It is native to Germany and has its own style in many famous paintings. It has been popularized in Europe and America. Petite, short, hard, smooth, dark brown and tan. The dog is lively and active, and is now widely used as a reward. This well-known play dog, once in Germany and Scandinavia, was once the favorite working dog and care dog for local residents.

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