What if your dog doesn't drink water?

01-28-2019 17:30:59
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There are many reasons why dogs don't drink water. To get a dog to drink water, you need to understand why dogs don't drink water.

If you find that your dog is not drinking water, first check your mouth for any obstacles that cause pain or difficulty drinking water, sometimes just because of a small thorn. If the dog has just had surgery or has been injured, it is normal to not drink water for a while. The change from dry to wet is another potential reason for the reduction of drinking water in another pet dog because it can get more water from the food. Illness is also a cause. If the dog is abnormally drowsy and looks very painful or uncomfortable, take it to the vet. If there are no such symptoms, it may be related to psychology, not physical reasons.

Sometimes, changes in the surrounding environment can cause anxiety to animals. Some dogs can adapt quickly to new homes, but others can be nervous or upset. If this is the case, the pet will usually calm down after a day or two and start drinking. Changes in the environment at home can also cause problems. If the familiar family left for a long time, etc. Animals tend to refuse to eat and drink because of loneliness or uneasiness. Similarly, after a day or two of calm, it usually begins to adapt to new changes.

Many dogs refuse to drink water in unfamiliar environments because the smell of water is different from the past. Dogs are sensitive to odors, and very small differences can be noticed. If the dog does not drink tap water, it may be a good idea to try to drink bottled water from it.

When the dog is not drinking, check each possible cause and then find a solution.

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