When does the dog sleep?

01-28-2019 17:33:10
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Dogs don't have a fixed sleep time like a person. Dogs sleep lighter and wake up easily, so the time spent sleeping is more fragmented.

Sleep is an essential resting way to restore strength and stay healthy. Dogs are nocturnal animals during the wild, sleeping during the day and activities at night. After being domesticated by human beings, it is basically consistent with the daily life of the person. It is changed to daytime activities and sleeps at night. But unlike people, dogs don't sleep until the morning, and they remain alert when they sleep. Some people think that the dog's response to the taste is completely stopped while sleeping, but it is particularly sensitive to sound.

In addition, the dog's sleeping posture always heads outward, such as the direction of the courtyard door, so that you can see the changes outside. This feature has become the ability of dogs to look after home and guard.

Dogs need about 14-15 hours of sleep per day, but they don't use this long piece of time, but they are often divided into several times.

The dog's sleep time is still very long, but they all use some piecemeal time to sleep, so try not to disturb when the dog sleeps.

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