Can dogs eat cantaloupe melon? What are the advantages and d

02-20-2019 11:29:12
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The weather is hot, we can often see the cantaloupe melon in the fruit shop, for people, it is a rare delicious, sweet and delicious, but for dogs, can also be like people, good Enjoy the fruits?

I believe that you have this question, as a related industry practitioner, let me tell you about it.

1, the dog eats the right amount of melon cantaloupe is no problem, if it loves to eat, it is ok to eat it properly, especially for some constipated dogs, melon cantaloupe has rich dietary fiber, can improve the dog Constipation situation.

2, for dogs with diarrhea, it is not appropriate to eat it, eating it will increase its diarrhea.

3, for puppies under 4 months, we also do not recommend it to eat, because they are still developing, especially the intestines, eating may also cause diarrhea.

4. It is worth noting that the seeds in melon cantaloupe are best removed. If the dog eats it, it may cause it to be absorbed. Eating too much will cause intestinal blockage. However, if you talk, then when we eat, the seeds will be removed, and the fruit stores will also remove the seeds in bulk, so in general, dogs will not be late for the seeds, but still have to pay attention.

5, In addition, let's talk about it, don't feed more fruits, etc., feed more, feed their taste, they don't like dog food, so it is ok to feed some properly, not to feed more. .

in conclusion:


It can improve constipation, supplement a certain amount of vitamins (the vitamin dogs of melons and fruits are not well absorbed), and adjust the taste;


The main disadvantage is that it is easy to diarrhea and the seeds cannot be eaten.

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